Aymonier Notaries

Who are we?


Aymonier Notaires is a notarial firm located in France, specializing in advice and the drafting of legal documents for individuals and businesses. It has a team of experienced and competent notaries, who offer personalized services adapted to each situation. Aymonier Notaries is committed to supporting its clients in all stages of their projects, respecting the ethical and professional standards of the notarial profession.

Our expertise


Aymonier Notaires has recognized expertise in real estate law, family law and business law, thus offering legal solutions adapted to each situation with a personalized approach.



The notary sector has become competitive and a good professional or a person invested in their work will easily find work in this field: You might as well choose an employer who will be able to adapt to your constraints and respect you and your life choices.

Quality of life at work


Because the quality of life at work has become an important criterion in choosing an employer, we invest a lot in this area.