Notary office


Remarkable and exemplary work has made it possible to inventory the minutes of the study from 1665.


A methodical and detailed directory of the notarial minutes of the study was established by the Departmental Archives of Haute-Savoie located in Annecy in 2012.
For several decades, the study was domiciled in Annecy, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau; its transfer took place on February 13, 1978 to 5 rue Montaigne, “Le Royal” building, on the initiative of Maître René Aymonier, associate of Maître Francis Salomon.

The study occupies part of the ground floor and first floor of the building in a green setting, a stone’s throw from Lake Annecy, in a attractive environment.

With a view to offering customers quality service, the partners undertook major renovation work on the premises in 2007 to make them more accessible and welcoming.

Since then, the study has continued to increase in capacity. To meet the needs of its private and institutional clientele, expansion work was carried out in 2019 and 2020 doubling the surface area of the office, new meeting rooms equipped with the latest technologies are made available to notaries and employees, all in compliance with its characteristic design and confidentiality rules.

Eager to provide an efficient and adapted service, we enter into close collaboration with all the other advisors chosen by clients, law firms, accountants and tax specialists.

The availability and specialization of partners and collaborators constitute a guarantee of the sustainability of the AYMONIER Notaires firm.

Étude Aymonier Notaires Annecy